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Excellent communication

Salaries below the average

Variety in housing levels

Recreation and leisure

Complete banking services

High-level medical services

High-level studies centers

5 star hotels

Other industries in San Juan del Río

1En febrero del 2012 se concluyó la obra de un nuevo hospital general. El hospital actualmente cuenta con una gran variedad de especialidades, al igual que con equipos de la más alta tecnología e instalaciones amplias y bastas. En la ciudad están establecidos 3 hospitales del IMSS, (Nuevo Hospital General, Unidad Medica Familiar No. 7, Hospital General No. 3)1 centro de salud y 5 clínicas particulares.

San Juan del Río is located in the region called "El Bajío". It is the second largest (and most important) city of Querétaro and it has a population of 241,699 inhabitants. From these, 7390 are over the age of 18.
Its people are well known for being hard-working and honest laborers, who played a key role in the success of San Juan Del Río's industrial parks, nationally.
In 2013, the city was ranked among the 3 cities with the lowest rates in violence reports.

The park is strategically located in a zone of easy access either by land, sea and by air.
Easy access to Highway 57 or High TLC, it is also communicated by rail to Laredo and Tijuana. Two seaports located less than 404 miles from the park and three air ports located below 106 miles away. Short distances to the best cities of Mexico establish our park as an excellent opportunity of investment.

We are convinced that Parque San Juan is a great opportunity to perform your business plans since we have enough qualified manpower and the advantage of its low cost. Ask for our personnel recruitment service and save time which you would unnecessarily lose on this subject.

In San Juan there is a wide variety of types of housing. From Infonavit-like residential developments, medium-level houses to residential developments with sports clubs or golf courses.

Within the city, there are sports clubs, leisure parks, cinemas, and marketplaces among other recreation centers for their people.
The commerce is entirely active, which is also attractive for the evolution of innovative ideas.

Almost every banking service is available in San Juan del Río, either in bank subsidiaries or ATM's in the city. This is an economically active metropolis.

In February 2012, the construction work of a new general hospital was concluded. Currently, the hospital has a wide variety of specialties, high-tech equipment and ample facilities. In the city, there are 3 IMSS hospitals (New General Hospital, Unidad Medica Familiar #7, General Hospital #3), 1 health center and 5 private clinics.

San Juan del Río has 7 college education centers:
Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro Campus San Juan, Tecnológico de San Juan del Río, Universidad Mesoamericana, Universidad Tecnológica de San Juan del Río, Universidad Alfred Novel de México, Escuela Normal, Universidad TecMilenio.

San Juan del Río offers to its visitors, 4 and 5 stars hotels for a comfortable stay with excellent facilities that allow business projects, events and simposiums. The range offers hotels with a rich history (former "Haciendas"), that provide an ambience filled with Mexican traditions that delight the most demanding visitor.

Our industrial park offers adequate facilities for the success of your industry. The reputation earned by the city challenges us to compete with quality and an excellent service to our clients.
These are some of the industries that already enjoy these benefits:

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